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Meet Audrea

Audrea Audrea Audrea

Artist. Singer. Smile-provider.

My name is Audrea George and I am 17 years old. My life before Youth Outreach was dog-eat-dog. I felt alone in a big world. I never really fit in anywhere and was extremely shy. I always felt like the outcast with my peers and my family. I am now an outspoken, confident person who likes to help other people. I still have hard times but I know how to work it out.

My goals in life are to help people better their lives and to help improve my community in any way that I can. My goal is to make at least one person smile every day and to always be an upbeat person. Another personal goal is to be open to any possibility that might happen and to be open to other people as well.

I like to read mystery and romance novels when I'm not volunteering my time. I also love to draw and paint. Whenever I get the chance, I am always singing and dancing and celebrating life no matter who is watching.

My plans for the future are to go to medical school and become a pediatric oncologist. I hope to help children with cancer live with their diseases, and also to find a cure. I want to be the cool doctor that dresses up as a clown or sings in the playroom in the ward. I want to be a ray of sunshine in these kids' lives.

I met Joette and the rest of the Youth Outreach workers in 7th grade at lunch. I was really shy, but for some reason I really felt like I could connect with these people. I soon found myself volunteering for anything they needed help with, and joined their advisory board my sophomore year. Joette, Anne and Stacy have been like my personal guardian angels. When I get into trouble or just need to get away from everyone, they are always there to offer comfort and support. They helped me build my self-confidence so that I'm not afraid to talk to people I don't know or stand up for what I believe in. They taught me that I am here for a reason and that I can make a change in someone's life. They don’t just help because it’s their job; they help because they really care for us and before I met them I hadn’t really experienced that kind of caring and understanding. I personally am grateful to have Youth Outreach in my life and I hope this program continues to help more people like me.

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Meet Jesse


Writer. Artist. Big-hearted giver.

My name is Jesse. I love working and being outdoors. My favorite author is Dean Koontz. I love reading his books. I also love to write stories of my own. Drawing is another pastime of mine. I plan to go to college for mortuary science. I am a senior in high school but I’ve been with Youth Outreach since I was in middle school. Youth Outreach has impacted my life greatly, not only with guidance but with my social skills as well. The youth directors are wonderfully reliable, fun and helpful. I have done a lot of work with Youth Outreach over my years. I frequently volunteer to work, and I have done a lot of charity events and fundraisers for Give To The Max day. I love Youth Outreach and I will continue working with them as long as possible!

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Meet Hunter


Actor. Singer. Fun-bringer.

Hello, My name is Hunter L. Raebel. I've been coming to Youth Outreach since October 2012. I haven't been here long enough for it to impact my life, but there is still plenty of time for me to enjoy this place and the people who come here. The reason I started coming to Youth Outreach was mainly because of my girlfriend, Jesse. The reason I come back is also because of Jesse but I also enjoy the company of the people who work here and come here for fun.

In the past, I have mainly been involved with one major production at the Sheldon Theatre. The play I took part in was "The Phantom of the Opera." Ever since the time I spent performing that play at the Sheldon, I have loved the theater. But for many years before that, I have loved to sing. I sing for my family, friends and people who just want to listen and have fun.

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Meet Charity

Charity Charity

Sculptor. Seamstress. Future editor of Vogue.

Hi! My name is Charity, and I am a 16-year-old high school junior. I am the youngest of three children. My favorite color is red, my favorite food is French fries and my favorite animal is the wolf. My favorite subject is math. Has been since I was in sixth grade.

My interests are painting, drawing and sculpting. I like painting and drawing my surroundings and really cool backgrounds. I love to sculpt abstract things. I also love doing Yoga, especially on the Wii, because they make it more fun. I like playing video games, but not so much the violent ones. I like watching classic TV shows like The Odd Couple, but I also love watching cartoons on the weekend. I'm still a kid at heart and I love watching comedies. Horror films freak me out!

In my spare time, I love to sew, knit, crochet and make 3D models. With these projects, I can make something cool and keep it for myself, or make a cool present for someone else. My plans for the future are simple. I am going to an art institute to perfect my art skills. After that, I will go to a fashion-design school to work on my fashion skills and get a degree. I will either become a fashion designer or a creative director for a fashion magazine.

Before Youth Outreach, I was living in my brother and sister’s shadow. The only difference is that I was super quiet and I was always living in the past and didn't want to move forward. I was very shy and couldn't talk to people, like a turtle in a shell. Now that I have Youth Outreach, I am more myself. I express myself with my art. I've become more of my own person and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.

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Meet Tori


Wild about hockey, family and life.

Hi. My name is Tori.

I am a family-oriented person and I love music. I enjoy school and I love the Minnesota Wild hockey team!

The Youth Outreach has helped me in various ways. I got involved with Youth Outreach about two years ago, before I moved out of foster care, and they helped me with getting on my feet. Youth Outreach assisted me in applying for an apartment and they helped me with every process along the way – even moving in! I thank the Reality Bites program for teaching me valuable life lessons that came into play as soon as I was in my own place. Growing up, I endured a lot of bad experiences and because of Youth Outreach I was able to overcome those experiences and am living my life very well. If it weren’t for Youth Outreach, I would not be doing as well in life as I am today. Thank you!

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